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Central Air Conditioning Repair Service

 Do you know how Mor-Air Heating AC & Refrigeration  helps you beat the heat? With expert air conditioning repairs from our certified HVAC service technicians. We have the experience, skills and tools to fix HVAC problems the first time. So when you need your Air Conditioner repaired fast, just give us a call at 540-433-2600.

We never close. Emergency repair service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are fully licensed and insured in ac repair, sales, ac installation and air conditioning maintenance for ALL brands of cooling equipment. Call us now if you are having any trouble with your cooling system, and we'll be there to fix it in no time.

Full Installations

We Make Buying a New A/C Simple!
Who better for all your air conditioning installation needs than the experts at Mor-Air Heating & Air Conditioning.
Because every home and family is different, schedule a FREE, custom home estimate or call us to schedule by phone right now for your free estimate on your new air conditioner.
Matching an air conditioner with an air handler or furnace is extremely important and strongly recommended. That's because age difference, fuel types, electrical safety and many other factors can impact the operation of your new air conditioner.

Air Conditioners
When you are in the market for an air conditioning system that will provide your home with cool comfort, our complete line of air conditioners are the perfect solution. As Energy Star® qualified appliances, our air conditioners meet the stringent efficiency standards and guidelines. An advanced scroll compressor works to maximize your comfort while at the same time minimizing sound and energy costs. Optional two stage operation also eliminates uncomfortable temperature swings.
Designed to be environmentally responsible, our air conditioning systems are highly efficient and offer the ultimate in quiet performance. You can count on our full line of air conditioners to provide your home and family with top reliability and quality.

Heat Pumps
Whether you are considering renovations to your current home or buying a new home, heat pumps may be a viable solution for the heating and cooling needs of your home. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems work much like an air conditioner during warmer months to cool your home. During cooler months, these systems perform the opposite function; efficiently heating your home when it's cold outside. As a result, you can be assured of superior comfort... all year round.
Cutting-edge technology, high efficiency ratings and only the highest levels of quality ensure that your heat pump will keep you comfortable throughout the year. Offering a wide array of groundbreaking and exclusive features, our heat pumps are among the most energy efficient on the market today.

Air Handlers
We are proud to carry a wide range of high-quality air handlers.  Air handlers are perfectly suited for many residential applications, offering flexible designs that will ideally match any air conditioner or heat pump. The airtight cabinets and cutting-edge technologies in our air handlers work to maximize efficiency, ensuring that your energy costs remain under control

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